ArtPrize at SCMC

SCMC IS THE MUSIC HUB FOR ARTPRIZE – September 24 through October 12

TERRYBERRY GALLERY will be our venue for visual art.

Remember, your musical entry needs to be an original composition. More recent work is encouraged.



How to register entry:

  • Go to to register from April 21 through June 5
  • You MUST select a category and ALL music entries should choose TIME BASED
  • Use Soundcloud to upload your song to your profile page
  • Tag your profile with the tag MUSIC (it is a built-in tag)
  • Request St. Cecilia Music Center as your venue
  • Monitor your email for incoming messages from SCMC executor director Cathy Holbrook and from ArtPrize. There are various steps to complete your “connection” to SCMC as a venue– just because you requested SCMC as your venue does not mean you are actually registered. Cathy need to “accept” you at the venue and then you need to “confirm” again – there are about three back and forth clicks that need to take place. We recommend using a primary email address on your profile so that you receive communication from SCMC and ArtPrize to ensure you complete registration and connection correctly.

When you enter a song into ArtPrize this is what you receive:

  • The chance to win ArtPrize!
  • The chance to win the public and/or juried award of $20,000 in the TIME BASED category
  • The chance to win $2,000 within your specific music genre
  • Your song on the ArtPrize website for tens of thousands of people to hear
  • Your song exhibited at listening stations at SCMC during the entire event (20,000 people came through last year!)
  • The opportunity to perform live throughout the city at busking stations to promote your entry

Last year the introduction of official “busking stations” throughout the city was a big hit. This year we will be expanding the number of busking stations, expanding the hours of busking and adding the ability for amplification at certain stations. These specific and publicized locations throughout the city will allow you, if you so choose, to perform at various and numerous times during the first two weeks of the event. The busking stations will be the performance element of this year’s event.

Please email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) when you have registered it will ensure that she see you on the ArtPrize site. But, if you are in TIME-BASED and have tagged yourself as MUSIC and have requested SCMC as your venue, that is how she will be sorting and searching for entries.

Michael Crittenden is once again SCMC’s partner in this endeavor so please send either Michael at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or Cathy an email with questions. For questions at ArtPrize go to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).