Youth Auditions

ORCHESTRA AND BAND AUDITIONS: September 6, 2018. Registration opens July 10, 2018
JAZZ AUDITIONS: October 16.  Registration opens July 30, 2018

Auditions are for the 2018-2019 Season which begins the week of September 10, 2018.  Auditions are required for youth ensembles. Students are placed according to their musical level and advance as their skills improve.  Students must be members of their school band or orchestra if one exists.

Auditions FOR JAZZ ENSEMBLES will take place on October 16 for the 2018-2019 Winter Session which starts the week of NOVEMBER 6, 2018 

There is a modest non-refundable $10 fee to audition. If accepted, this fee is applied to tuition.

Membership in the St. Cecilia Youth Orchestras and bands requires that students must be involved in their school orchestra or band and must have a signed recommendation form from their school orchestra or band director (the form will be supplied after acceptance into an ensemble). Exceptions to this will be made ONLY if there is no existing orchestra or band program at the school or if there is a direct conflict in scheduling between a required academic course and the school music program.  

For more information, please contact education director Martha Cudlipp Bundra, 616.459.2224 (ext 206).


What happens at the placement audition?

All students are asked to 1. Play a prepared solo of their choice that demonstrates technique and can be performed confidently. (memorization and accompanist not required) 2. Sight-read an assigned selection. (student will be given one minute to review). 3. Play scales as indicated below:

Youth Ensemble Audition Requirements

Sinfonia Students should be comfortable playing in the major keys of G, C and D. Students may be asked to sight read, but if they are not yet comfortable sight reading please be sure to make that clear to the conductors and keep practicing! Violin Scales – D Scale (1 octave), C Scale (1 octave), and G Scale (2 octaves if possible) Viola and Cello Scales – D Scale (1 octave), G Scale (1 octave), and C Scale (2 octaves if possible) Bass Scales – D Scale (1 octave), G Scale (1 octave) and C Scale (1 octave)

Concert Orchestra Students should be comfortable playing in the major keys of G, C, D, A, F and Bb. Violin Scales – C, G, D, A and Bb Scales (all 2 octaves) and F Scale (1 octave). Viola and Cello Scales – C, G, D and F Scales (all 2 octaves) Bass Scales – D Scale (1 octave), G Scale (2 octaves), C Scale (1 octave) and F Scale (2 octaves)

Philharmonic Students may be asked to play C, G, D, A, F, B-flat and E-flat major scales. String players should play 2 or 3 octaves (preferred) scales in the keys above. Wind players may play 1 or 2 (preferred) scales in the keys above and a chromatic scale. Bowings and articulations for the scales are at the discretion of the player.

Concert Band Students should be comfortable playing concert keys of C, F, Bb, Eb, Ab, and a chromatic scale the full range of their instrument.

Jazz Program Audition Requirements (combo & band)

  • Play an excerpt from a prepared unaccompanied solo piece (classical or jazz) or from an ensemble piece learned in the school band.
  • Sight-read an assigned selection.
  • Students may be asked to play C, F, Bb, G, D, and a chromatic scale.
  • Students will be invited to play other scales previously studied (major, minor, blues or jazz scales).
  • Students may demonstrate their improvisation ability by playing Bb blues (accompanist provided).

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