Visit Terryberry Gallery

Opened in 1986, the Terryberry Art Gallery is a beautiful space that hosts monthly exhibitions throughout St. Cecilia Music Center’s season. Located on the lower level of the Center, the gallery exhibits work by both well-known and newly emerging artists, and typically shows two artists in order to combine unique styles and media. 


The name of the show for March is Three Artists Making Marks”.  Three artists – Jan McKinnon, David Thinger, and Janine Zomermaand come together to make a very interesting show of truly beautiful work.  Jan says, “It is always about the impression; never the exactness, that pushes me forward in my works in pastel.”  David says, “My art is my personal interpretation of various landscapes often including architectural and automotive renderings as well as people to make the art a more personal style.”  Janine says, “Memories of growing up on my father’s farm on the plains of the Midwest deeply influence my desire to paint landscapes and abstract scenes. I work in acrylics which allow me to build a scene as my creative spirit intersects with the paint already on the canvas.”  This show goes from February 27 – April 1.  The reception is on Friday, March 1 from 5:30 – 7:30 PM.

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