Visit Terryberry Gallery

Opened in 1986, the Terryberry Art Gallery is a beautiful space that hosts monthly exhibitions throughout St. Cecilia Music Center’s season. Located on the lower level of the Center, the gallery exhibits work by both well-known and newly emerging artists, and typically shows two artists in order to combine unique styles and media. 


The name of the show for April is Evolving Perspectives.  Photographers Lisabeth and Michael Margulus have been seriously pursuing their photography passion for about twenty years.  During that time their interests and skills have steadily evolved.  This journey has taken them to a point where they consider the most important aspect of successful photography to be deciding what they’re trying to achieve in taking a given photo.  They feel this is even more important than various nuances related to camera settings, artificial light, post processing, etc.  Additionally, they find that twenty years ago their chief objective was to record the inherent beauty of rustic or urban vignettes.  They also choose to do that under optimal conditions, such as the magical light that occurs at dawn or dusk.  They strive to evoke images that trigger an emotional response from their audience.  Presented in this show, Impressions, is a varied sampling of their photographs that portray something significant about a place:  its beauty, its culture, or its struggles.  Venues included are from the United States, Europe, Africa and Asia.  They invite you to visit their website:  twomarguli.com.  This show runs from April 3 – 29.  The reception for this show is on Friday, April 5 from 5:30 – 7:30 PM.  Parking is free next to St. Cecilia.”

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