Visit Terryberry Gallery

Opened in 1986, the Terryberry Art Gallery is a beautiful space that hosts monthly exhibitions throughout St. Cecilia Music Center’s season. Located on the lower level of the Center, the gallery exhibits work by both well-known and newly emerging artists, and typically shows two artists in order to combine unique styles and media. 



Retrospective: From Realism to impressionism
This show expresses my development as a painter over the past two decades. Years ago I enjoyed capturing my subjects in a realistic style, I felt thrilled by the specialness of light and color and played with them on my canvases. But in this show you can also see the way I gradually developed more impressionistic ways of presenting my subjects–sometimes reducing the elements in the scene, and other times working with bold contrasts and lines. Many of the paintings are Michigan landscape scenes, and some are quite large. Subjects vary from Glen Lake sailboats to architectural capitals, from a luminescent soap bubble to the mist and the gulls of Niagara Falls

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