Visit Terryberry Gallery

Opened in 1986, the Terryberry Art Gallery is a beautiful space that hosts monthly exhibitions throughout St. Cecilia Music Center’s season. Located on the lower level of the Center, the gallery exhibits work by both well-known and newly emerging artists, and typically shows two artists in order to combine unique styles and media. 


“Paint, Wax, Iron, Paint, and Point, Click, Edit, Print”

Brad and Carole Neilsen’s work is a collection of watercolor batik, watercolor, photography, and digital images.

Carole works with watercolor batik on many different types of papers. Many of the papers have fibers, leaves, bark, and threads in them. Watercolor batik involves many layers of melted wax and watercolor paint to achieve the desired effect. She also works in traditional watercolor. Her subject matter tends to be inspired by nature and she enjoys working expressively with creative color. Carole has had a life long love of art. She spent over thirty years sharing her love of art teaching art to high school students. Upon retiring, she has dedicated her time to creating in watercolor. .Brad is a photographer. He focuses on strange perspectives of familiar things. He spends his evenings editing his favorite photographs, occasionally creating a diamond from a lump of coal. He is also a digital doodler. He doodles the evening away with his index finger, a Kindle tablet and kiddy drawing program while laying on the couch, listening to the TV, and gobbling popcorn. Thousands of images have been created all straight from his head to tablet. Some images are quite realistic, most are not. The childlike quality of his images is probably due to spending the better part of his life teaching elementary school children. Faith, family and friends are the great loves of his life. Art is just icing on the cake. Whenever he add can a little icing, life is just a little sweeter. This show begins on March 3 and ends on March 29. The reception for this show is on March 6 from 5:30 – 7:30.

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