Visit Terryberry Gallery

Opened in 1986, the Terryberry Art Gallery is a beautiful space that hosts monthly exhibitions throughout St. Cecilia Music Center’s season. Located on the lower level of the Center, the gallery exhibits work by both well-known and newly emerging artists, and typically shows two artists in order to combine unique styles and media. 


“The months of December and January show the beautiful watercolors of Jim Johnson.  The name of his show is, “Oh, where did the Summer go?”  It certainly did go by in a blur. For me, the only thing that seems to slow things down a bit is to capture a few of these blurred images in watercolor. There’s nothing better than to watch water colors blending together in clear water. Once that lovely pigment is on the paper, an artist cannot simply command the pigment to go this way or that’. The best he can do is suggest a pathway to another shape which may then create the desired image. I feel the thrill of this dance every time I apply a brushstroke. I truly love this process. And it does slow things down. At least a little.”

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